Mushrooms and fungi I’ve captured in photos.

Mushroom growing from tree trunk

One of the great things about mushrooms and fungi is that they get you out of the house.

Whether I’m walking or cycling, I always have my eyes open for mushrooms. And some days I’ll drive out of town to an area of woodland just outside the city.

Every time I go, I find something new. And while I’m not a professional photographer by any means, it gives me a jolt of pleasure every time I spy a mushroom among the leaves, and take a few pictures.

Over time, I’ll add more and more of my photos to this page.

As you’ll see, I haven’t added names to the photos. I’m not an expert at mushroom identification, and wouldn’t want to misidentify anything.


Two young mushrooms emerging from the forest floor.
A jelly fungus being nibbled on by slugs.
Mushrooms with cobwebs and moss in the woods
Mushroom growing from fallen wood
Mushroom pushing up through leaves on the forest floor
Mushrooms growing out from the side of a tree trunk
These look like Turkey Tail mushrooms, but I'm not sure.
Beautiful flat-topped mushroom, standing alone

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