Introducing Shroom Head, your guide to psychedelic mushrooms.

Welcome to the Psychedelic Center! 

This is where we explore the history, cultural roots and beneficial effects of magic mushrooms.

Just as we have our mascot Aspen leading the charge when it comes to fungal ecology in our woods and forest… here in the Psychedelic Center we have Shroom Head as our mascot and guide.

Under the glass, Shroom Head is showing a pair of beautiful Psilocybe Semilanceata.

The artist behind that image is Joshua Cottrell. He created the Psychedelic Center image just for us… and we’re super grateful.

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In the meantime, we’ve listed a few pages here that fall within Shroom Head’s area of expertise.


Shroom Head Recommends:

Magic mushrooms

A brief history of magic mushrooms, and how they can improve our lives.

Magic mushrooms have played a role in the spiritual, psychological and mental health of people for millennia. Read the full article...

Magic Mushrooms and Depression – A Breakthrough Treatment?

Treatment-resistant depression and major depressive disorder affect millions. Magic mushroom therapy may provide almost immediate relief. Read the full article...

Micro-dosing magic mushrooms can benefits mood and focus.

Micro-dosing with the psilocybin in magic mushrooms can lift your mood and sharpen your focus. Read the full article...


Hallucinogenic mushrooms among the indigenous peoples of South America.

The cultural and spiritual roots of hallucinogenic mushrooms can be found among the indigenous peoples of South and Central America. Read the full article...

Psilocybin smoking cessation works better than prescription drugs.

If you’ve tried everything to quit smoking, magic mushrooms may be the key to success. Psilocybin smoking cessation has an 80% success rate in early tests. Read the full article...

The Stoned Ape Theory – Magic Mushrooms and Our Great Leap Forward.

As a species, we’ve made some weird leaps forward in our evolution. The Stoned Ape Theory says magic mushrooms may have been involved. Read the full article...

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