Page 4 of my photos of mushrooms and fungi – and lot more mosquito bites!

Mushrooms growing from a fallen tree trunk

I’ve found a wonderful area of woodland for finding and photographing mushrooms and fungi.

The trouble is, where you find the most fungi is where you also find a ton of mosquitos. I’d guess the photographs on this page cost me at least three or four bites each!

But I’m not complaining. I love being able to get out into the woods and be surprised by a mushroom or fungus I’ve never, ever seen before. 

And mushrooms are so fleeting… there one day and then dying back a couple of days later.

The odd mosquito bite – or two or three – is a small price to pay.


Mushrooms sweating beads of moisture
Looks like a White Worm Coral fungus to me, but can't be sure
Mushrooms and moss both like damp wood
Very strange looking pair of fungi growing together on wood
Looks like a small army of small mushrooms with white helmets
Strange shaped white fungus growing on dead tree
Long, deep gills on the underside of this mushrooms
A hard, polypore fungus growing on a tree

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