Page 2 of my photos of mushrooms and fungi.

Mushrooms growing on a fallen log in a local woodIn the woodland where I take many of my mushroom photos. Do you see the mushrooms growing out of the fallen log in the foreground?

This is page two of my collection of mushrooms and fungi photos.

Most of the images on this page were taken during the month of June, in woodland north east of the city of Montreal, Canada. 

As always, I avoid trying to identify the mushrooms and fungi I photograph. I'm no expert at mushroom identification, and making mistakes can be dangerous.

Mushroom growing close up to the trunk of a tree
Mushrooms with furry caps and fringes
Mushrooms on the wood floor, growing in a row
Not mushrooms, but definitely fungi, growing on the cut face of a felled tree trunkNot mushrooms, but definitely fungi.
Underside of mushrooms, with wisps of mycelium on the surrounding wood
Two mushrooms growing through a hole in  a fallen tree trunk
Coral fungi growing on a rotting log
Orange mushrooms growing in the shelter of a fallen branch

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