Following the seasons with page 6 my photos of mushrooms and fungi.

Three mushrooms growing from a single stem

I take most of my mushroom photos in a single plot of woodland, about 30 minutes drive outside the city.

I love walking there regularly, because I get to see, hear and feel the changes in the seasons.

As for mushrooms, they follow the seasons too. They love the dampness of spring, lay low during the heat of summer and then rise again in the fall.

It’s fall here now… early in October… and I love the variety of mushrooms and fungi I’m finding as I walk.

On this page you’ll see a few of the picture I took last weekend.


A cluster of brown mushrooms growing from the trunk of a tree
Shelf mushrooms growing on a fallen log.
A group of small, pale mushrooms growing on rotting wood.
Puffball mushrooms.
A cluster of white, veil-like mushrooms
Two purple mushrooms
Group of heavy, orange mushrooms growing from the side of a tree.
Two delicate mushrooms growing in moss.

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