Using rye berries for PK tech method (PF Tek Method?)

by Joe Rohn
(Prairie Grove Arkansas )


Let's say I am doing the PK tech method and have used the rye berries to grow mycelium in a pint jar.

Do I treat it the same as using as using vermiculite and rice flour?

Meaning when I birth them from the jar do I soak the mycelium that I have grown on the rye berries for 24 hours as you do using vermiculate and rice flour.

Thank you


When you say the PK tech method, I’m assuming you mean the PF Tek method. Yes?

If that’s the case, then yes, when growing mycelium in a pint jar using rye berries, you can treat it similarly to using vermiculite and rice flour. When you are ready to "birth" the mycelium from the jar, it is recommended to soak the mycelium-covered rye berries for about 24 hours. This helps to hydrate the substrate and prepare it for the fruiting stage.

Soaking the mycelium in water allows it to absorb moisture, which is essential for the development of mushrooms. After soaking, you can proceed with the next steps of your cultivation process, such as transferring the soaked mycelium to a fruiting chamber or another suitable environment for mushroom formation.

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