Recipe for Relazione Privilegiata with mushrooms - Summer Version.

Recipe for Relazione Privilegiata with mushrooms

Chef Sauro Ricci shared this recipe with us. It is one of the specialties of the renowned vegetarian haute cuisine restaurant Joia, in Milan, Italy. 

It uses beautiful porcini, shiitake, and Coscia pear cooked on the barbecue, with delicious chickpea hummus, a delicately spicy sesame sauce, accompanied by a landscape of flavors, served with a puree scented with the truffle of summer.

You’ll love it!

The inspiration for the dish:

"Before I became vegetarian, I lived in nature with the spirit of a hunter. Forest animals and fish were potential prey. When they met me, they would run away with their legs and raised fins. My vision has changed today. Walking through my mountains I now talk with its inhabitants. This is a relationship that has become privileged." - Sauro Ricci

Preparation time:

90 minutes

12 hours to soak the chickpeas


For the hummus:

200g chickpeas 

2 cm kombu seaweed

230g aquafaba (chickpea water) 

100g peanut cream

1g fennel seeds

30g lemon juice

For the spring onion pesto:

200g spring onion 

60g desalted capers

2g crushed crackers

5g extra-virgin olive oil

For the truffle mashed potatoes:

250g potatoes

30g spring onion

A drop of extra-virgin olive oil

200g soft tofu

200g truffle juice

2g salt

For the grilled vegetables:

A small bunch of sage 

A bunch of rosemary

A bunch of laurels

1 kg porcini mushrooms

200g shiitake

5 Coscia pears (An Italian variety)

To decorate:

4 zucchinis

30 nasturtium leaves or another wild edible herb

10g licorice powder mixed with a drop of water

40g Tekka (A Japanese condiment)

200g Maghrebi paste

Preparation of Relazione Privilegiata with mushrooms.

1. For the hummus, soak the chickpeas overnight and cook them with the kombu seaweed in a pressure cooker for 30 minutes. Blend them in a blender with part of its water, pass through a sieve. Season with peanut cream, fennel, lemon juice, salt, and spoon into a pastry bag.

2. For the pesto, cut the green part of the spring onion into 2cm lengths, blanch for 3 minutes, and cool quickly. Emulsify in a blender with the desalted capers, oil, and crushed crackers.

3. For the mashed potatoes, cook the potatoes and pass them through a sieve. Finely chop the spring onions, fry them lightly, then stew them with half the truffle juice for about ten minutes. Emulsify the mixture in the blender by introducing the remaining juice, the soft tofu, and finally, the mashed potatoes. Let it cool and place it in a siphon with 2 charges.

4. To decorate, cut zucchini into 4 cm thick slices, hollow them out slightly, and cut them into fun shapes. Blanch them for 3 minutes and cool them quickly. 

5. Roast the mushrooms and Coscia pear cut into pieces, place them in the pot over the herbs. We will serve it on a plate consisting of a line of licorice, three dots of pesto, 4 dots of paté, the zucchini, the sauce to cover the hummus, and in the hollow of the zucchini, tekka, and herbs.

Serves 10


Note: You can read our interview with Chef Sauro Ricci here.

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