Mycelium growing onto coir.

by Kb
(Portland, OR, USA)


I have a substrate cake sitting on damp coir in a medium sized plastic tub. The cake has produced a good first flush and now not much activity other than some robust looking mycelium growing from the cake onto the coir.

Looking for advice on how to manage now.

Should I add some more nutritious substrate on top?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Kb, hi

I’m probably not the best person to answer this, as I’m a bit of an amateur myself when it comes to growing mushrooms at home. I’ve had success, but haven’t tried colonizing coir from my substrate block. Interesting plan!

If you’ve had just the one flush, I’d be surprised if you need to add any more substrate.

It sounds like you just placed the block on the coir, rather then mixing them up a little. My first instinct would be to mix them up. But like I said, I’m no expert on this.

Also, I do know there are differences in temperature and humidity needs, depending on whether you’re growing the mycelium or stimulating growth of the fruiting bodies.

I’m replying not because I have any truly expert advice for you, but in the hope that a real expert reads this and jumps in with a comment below.

Fingers crossed. ; )

Best wishes,


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