Mushrooms as a hobby? I'm over 60 and want something new to keep me busy.

by Donna
(Bend, OR)


I’m over 60, retired early, and looking for something to spend some time on.

I’ve always had a bit of an interest in mushrooms and fungi. When I was a child, my mom would take me and my sister out into the woods in search of mushrooms for the dinner table.

During my adult life I’ve lived in the city for the most part. And got busy with work and all the usual.

Now I’m no longer working, and still in pretty good shape. I’m wondering if there is “enough” going on in the world of mushrooms for me to make a hobby out of it.

In particular, I’m thinking of getting outside more!

What do you think?


Donna, hi

Well, yes! Of course!

So many things…

First, like you say, an interest in mushrooms is going to get you outside and give you a lot of exercise.

It’s also great fun to go mushroom foraging, just like you did as a kid. Different edible mushrooms at different times of the year. Always something new!

And even if you don’t eat them, finding and identifying mushrooms and fungi in the woods is a lot of fun. Take photos and notes, and slowly build up the number of species you’ve found.

Mushroom hunting is also great excuse to travel! Go to different parts of the country to find new mushroom and fungi species. Travel abroad!

And… make new friends. There are tons of local groups of mushroom lovers. Find a group in your area and share your common interest. Get out into the woods together!

For the dark days of winter, you can stay indoors a little more and focus on mushrooms in the kitchen. So many great mushroom recipes to try.

And you can explore the world of medicinal mushrooms too, and see if there are any mushroom supplements that can help with what ails you as you grow older.

I’m guessing your question is part rhetorical… and that you already know that diving into the world of mushrooms would make for a fantastic hobby.

Go for it. 🙂

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