I found these mushrooms outside my program building

by Ashley kotzen
(Tewksbury ma )


I want to know if they are edible and any information about them, cause I heard they glow in the dark I took one home but washed my hands...


I’m not a qualified expert at mushroom identification, particularly from a single photo… but these look very much like Jack O’Lantern mushrooms, also known as False Chanterelle.

You mention that they glow in the dark. Well, that’s another vote in favor of identifying these as Jack O’Lantern, which are bioluminescent.

Here is the thing…

The Jack O’Lantern is EXTREMELY TOXIC and should not be eaten under any circumstances.

A good find, and kudos for asking about them. But steer clear of these mushrooms, and let other people know not to pick or eat them.



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