Has an antidote been found for being poisoned by Death Cap mushrooms?

by Dan

Death Cap mushroom

Death Cap mushroom


Someone told me an antidote had been found to cure poisoning by eating Death Cap mushrooms. Is this true? If it is, that would be great. I’d love to do some mushroom foraging, but honestly I’m just too scared to collect and eat something poisonous!

Give me some good news please! : )


Yes, scientists have identified a potential antidote for the poisoning caused by the Death Cap mushrooms.

Researchers from China and Australia discovered that a dye known as indocyanine green, which is currently approved for use in medical imaging in the United States, appears to block the toxic effects of α-Amanitin, the principal toxin found in Death Cap mushrooms.

This toxin is responsible for about 90% of mushroom-related deaths globally, often leading to liver and kidney failure.

In laboratory experiments using mice and human cell lines, the scientists found that indocyanine green could prevent the liver and kidney damage induced by α-Amanitin, thereby improving the likelihood of survival following poisoning.

However, the researchers have also pointed out that their findings are preliminary, and additional clinical studies are needed to confirm whether indocyanine green would have similar beneficial effects in humans.

It's also important to note that the dye was effective when administered within four hours of exposure to the toxin, suggesting that early treatment is crucial.

In other words, you should still be super-careful when you go out foraging. First, there’s no guarantee that this antidote will even be available in your area. Plus there’s the time factor.

So good news… but not yet a reason to stop being careful when collecting wild mushrooms.

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