Can you help identify this type of mushroom for me?

by Jacintha


Hi everyone,

I've got mushrooms in my small garden!! I need to know it's type and if it can be eaten.

Thank you!



Thanks for the question, and the photos.

I am super-cautious about trying to identify mushrooms from photos. And I’ve never been to Lebanon, so know nothing about the mushrooms that grow there.

Mind you, I do know you have a very varied climate, from your Mediterranean coastline to inland mountain ranges and more. I bet you have some amazing mushrooms and fungi!

I’m going to hazard a guess from your photos… but it really is a guess. And you should absolutely NOT eat these mushrooms based on my thoughts. See if you can find a local mushroom expert or experienced forager to give a definitive opinion.

But based on what I see, these look to me like common Button or Cremini mushrooms.

If you can find a local expert to confirm that for you, then yes, Cremini mushrooms are edible.

But please double-check first!

Thanks again for the question and the photos.


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