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Incredible Mushrooms Newsletter, Issue #004: Fungi in Outer Space
June 08, 2021

Welcome to the June issue of the Incredible Mushrooms newsletter.

As you may know, each month I share some of the most interesting mushroom and fungi stories I’ve found around the web.

I also let you know what’s new on the Incredible Mushrooms website.

Let’s jump right in and see what I’ve stumbled across over the last few weeks…

First off… for maximum wow factor… a fungus that can eat plastic. More specifically, polyurethane – one of the most commonly-used plastics in the world.

It would be nice if we could use a lot less plastic and use alternatives wherever possible… which is most of the time.

But for the billions of tons of plastics already out there, polluting both land and sea, it’s amazing to find out that a fungus could help clean up our mess.

The fungus in question is Pestalotiopsis microspore, and you can read more about this amazing discovery here.

Next up, something a little less uplifting.

As anyone with toenail fungus knows, fungi are not always kind to the human body.

While that kind of fungal infection can be seriously inconvenient, and tough to treat, other fungi can actually kill us.

Indeed, some researchers are pointing to fungi as a potential cause of a future pandemic.

A little closer to home, a fungus called Candida auris is infecting and killing some people who have had their immune systems weakened by COVID.

I’m a huge fan of the healing powers of mushrooms and fungi, but it makes sense to keep and open mind, and recognize that these organisms are not always our friends.

Here’s the full story… Deadly Fungi Are the Newest Emerging Microbe Threat All Over the World.

And now… to outer space.

This is a fun article, talking about many of the ways we can use mycelium as a replacement for traditional materials.

For me, the standout part of this article is about using mycelium as a material for building satellites… and reducing space debris in the process. Enjoy! Mushrooms Could Solve a Huge Problem in Outer Space?

At Incredible Mushrooms we’re still busy adding new posts, across all topic areas.

In particular, we’ve been adding new and original recipes to the mushroom recipes section.

If you like to cook with mushrooms, be sure to check it out.

Original mushroom recipes shared by mushroom lovers, and professional chefs from around the world.

That’s it for this issue.

I’ll be back with more mushroom and fungi stories in a few weeks.

Best wishes,


Incredible Mushrooms

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