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Incredible Mushrooms Newsletter, Issue #003: Glow in the dark mushrooms
May 06, 2021

Welcome to the May issue of the Incredible Mushrooms newsletter.

As you may know, each month I share some of the most interesting mushroom and fungi stories I’ve found around the web.

I also let you know what’s new on the Incredible Mushrooms website.

Let’s jump right in and see what I’ve stumbled across over the last few weeks…

First up… glow-in-the-dark mushrooms! I’ve seen photos and videos of bioluminescent mushrooms before, but really like the photo they share in this short post.

Mushrooms have so many amazing qualities. It’s beautiful to see that some of them glow in the dark as well! Luminescent mushrooms appear early on Japan tropical island.

It was only a matter of time until mushroom extracts found themselves being included in skincare products. Mushrooms like Reishi, Cordyceps and Shiitake have such powerful stories to tell.

And now it seems those stories are being harnessed by the marketing departments of beauty companies. When It Comes To Your Skin, Mushrooms Really Are Magic.

Next up, I’m seeing more and more posts focused on mushrooms and cancer. Specifically, on how some mushrooms appear to offer protection against many types of cancer.

Again, it was only a matter of time before this story made the jump from the scientific community to mainstream media. To Lower Cancer Risk, Eat More Mushrooms?

At Incredible Mushrooms we’ve been exploring the medicinal qualities of mushrooms from day one. We have an entire section of our site devoted to mushrooms and health. Medicinal mushrooms have been used by healers for thousands of years.

Finally, since the last issue, we’ve added a lot to our mushroom recipes section.

If you like to cook with mushrooms, be sure to check it out. Original mushroom recipes shared by mushroom lovers, and professional chefs from around the world.

That’s it for this issue.

I’ll be back with more mushroom and fungi stories in a few weeks.

Best wishes,


Incredible Mushrooms

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