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Incredible Mushrooms Newsletter, Issue #002 – Recipes and talking tomatoes
March 27, 2021

Welcome to the Almost April issue of the Incredible Mushrooms newsletter.

As you may know, each month I share some of the most interesting mushroom and fungi stories I’ve found around the web.

I also let you know what’s new on the Incredible Mushrooms website.

Let’s jump right in and see what I’ve stumbled across during March…

In the Northern hemisphere, spring is upon us. And that means lots of mushroom enthusiasts will be taking to the woods in search of edible mushrooms.

Some will be expert foragers, others… not so much.

Which is why I thought it a good idea to share this article on safe and responsible mushroom foraging. The mushroom crusader on a mission to teach safe fungus foraging.

Meanwhile, over in the department of “is there anything mycelium CAN’T do?”… we have this story of tomato plants communicating with one another via electrical currents that run through mycelium. Detection of electrical signaling between tomato plants raises interesting question.

And… also on the topic of mycelium… how about a fungus that can eat plastics, and more? How mushrooms can eat plastic, build houses and ease depression.

On the Incredible Mushrooms site we’ve begun a series of interviews with well-known chefs who love to cook with mushrooms.

I really like our first interview, which was with Xavier Pellicer. He clearly knows a lot about mushrooms, and shared a number of fantastic photos with us. Our interview with Xavier Pellicer – renowned Spanish chef, restaurant owner, and lover of mushrooms.

Stay tuned for more chef interviews… we have another 4 lined up already. : )

Finally, I’d love to know what kind of information you’d like to find more of on our website. This is a super-short, one-question survey. I’d be really grateful if you’d take a few seconds to share your thoughts… Tell us what you want...

That’s it for this issue.

I’ll be back with more mushroom and fungi stories towards the end of April... Almost May.

Best wishes,


Incredible Mushrooms

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